03 July 2008

The end of Baby Boomer U.?

In 1969, less than 25% of college professors were over 50. Today, more than half of them are over 50. The changing face and politics of college professors is examined in today's NY Times complete with some great graphics. And, for a little icing on that cake, they held one of the interviews at one of my favorite restaurants in Madison, Kabul.

Since they were focusing on the changing politics, it leaves some of my questions about this generational change unanswered. If the baby boomers all retire en masse, where will the large body of replacements come from? Or will this require a new shift to PTLs and instructors at most large universities? And, since the demographics in their charts has been clear for some time, what is the plan? There is a plan, right?

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Caroline said...

Maybe graduate programs will really start concentrating on getting their candidates out in a timely fashion. Like say 6 years, rather than 9.