16 July 2008

GIS Political Job

From the GIS Jobs Clearinghouse (h/t to Caroline):

Organization: Obama for America
Title: GIS Volunteer
Location: Nationwide
Application Deadline:
Posted: 2008-07-13

Position Description:

Political campaigns rely heavily on location based data and with the November election rapidly approaching we are looking for Obama supporters in the GIS professional community to step forward and help win November! Anything from 5 hours per week and above would be extremely useful and tasks range from straightforward cartography and map production to editing and analysis.

If you're interested in using your GIS (especially ArcGIS) skills to help elect Barack Obama please contact: David Galt (dgalt@barackobama.com)


Caroline said...

I hope they give out free schwag. You know how much a little lawn sign costs?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that, in the spirit of open discussion and dialog, we're maintaining a politically-neutral posture here. I won't hold my breath for the McCain campaign position to be posted alongside this one.

David Tulloch said...

I appreciate the vote of confidence.

I did search briefly before I posted this and couldn't find a matching GIS volunteer job posting for McCain.

My interest is in posting useful, interesting and curious jobs. Since I've never seen any major campaign ask for GIS volunteers before, I thought this was notable. But if there was an unusual GIS job at Disney or the NFL, I'd post those too.