24 July 2008

More negative Higlands opinions

The Record published a opinon piece by David Pringle, of the NJ Environmental Foundation. Bill Wolfe has written up both the vote on the plan and the connection between farms and septic.

It isn't a surprise that these two are unhappy with the plan (or that both developers and environmentally-concerned observers are unhappy with the plan). But a larger measure of its potential for success may be that I have yet to see any noticeably positive position published. Maybe one of the 9 who voted for it will publish an explanation.


Bill Wolfe said...

Hi - You suggested that a Plan supporter post an analysis.

Well, instead of rising to that challenge, today we see why the Council and the RMP are being criticized.

Chairman John Weingart - instead of defending the RMP - attacked the critics. See:

Environmentalists and the Highlands plan

David Tulloch said...

As an aside, I have hardly seen anyone comment on the diverse group of opinions the NJ Voices blogs have turned into. Bill Wolfe and John Weingart only represent a small piece of the larger gaggle. I look forward to see something from Seneca http://www.nj.com/njvoices/index.ssf/biographies/. It all hints at the democratic promises that people said the web would represent. Fights of ideas and stories of experiences, not just video games and Facebook.

BTW, Bill, it is the Egg in Albany's Empire State Plaza.