31 August 2008

Blog Day 2008

To celebrate Blog Day I wanted to add links to 5 blogs, none of which seem to have been mentioned on Places and Space yet. I've chosen one for each of our 4 EP&D Options and a 5th for hometown crowd. Since some are new to me, I'll admit that I am not yet a regular reader of all of them.

Landscape Architecture
A man after my own heart, Tom Turner's GardenVisit is trying hard to help you find the very best landscape and garden experiences around the world.

Environmental Geomatics
I don't how I have not gotten around to mentioning or linking to Spatially Adjusted (maybe I have and forgot?) but is a pretty big one out there.

Environmental Planning
How about a look into the profession at the Planning Commissioner's Blog?

Landscape Industry
A nurseryman in California maintains a very active blog that reflects on his perspective on the industry.

New Jersey/Rutgers
While it hasn't been so active, I saw that Rutgers' Joe Seneca and Dean Hughes have posted something again on their NJ.com NJ Voices blog.

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huh. attractive style ))