28 August 2008

What's popular on Places and Spaces?

The end of summer is a nice chance to look back. For Places and Spaces it is a chance to peek at the hit counts and see what has driven traffic. Here is a summary of findings without any proper methodology.

The top search categories have been, in order:
/search/label/Landscape Architecture
/search/label/Environmental Geomatics
/search/label/Environmental Planning
I know, no big surprises there.

The most visited postings have been these:

A few of these rely heavily on links to other sources, but I do wish there was a little more traffic on unique items like the Citation Rankings for LA Scholarship or the student work from Design Week or our recent visit to Dig It! You'll notice that the posting about Jarad Patko is very recent and is also already very high on the list. I suspect that it will quickly move into first.

The top sources of referrals are (by far) Google, then various Rutgers pages, then Google Image searches.

Top search terms in external search engines (like Google) that land visitors here:
david tulloch
david tulloch blog
henry arnold associates
lincoln memorial
jinhua architecture park
best neighborhoods in america
andrea cochran
opposite side of the world
asla awards

25% of the blog's traffic is International coming from 134 Countries
The most frequent international visits are the 2.7% from the United Kingdom and 2.6% from Canada
30% is from New Jersey

53% of all visits have been through Firefox.
39% have been through MS Internet Explorer.
6% through Safari.
Then you've got Opera, and Camino and AvantGo. Huh? Someone has been visiting on Playstation 3? This is BFG-free zone guys.

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