21 August 2008

Sustainable gardens in the Times

Today's NY Times included a Stephen Orr piece on seductive and sustainable gardens. The focus is on how sustainability is not only becoming fashionable, but how the public (or at least the trend-setting wealthy garden-loving elite) are recognizing aesthetics qualities that have long been hidden in plain sight. That alone would be enough to mention here. It included a slideshow with beautiful photos. That alone would be enough to mention here. But it featured the work and words of RU LA alumna Andrea Cochran. That made it urgent.

Ms. Cochran helped describe the changes she has seen in client responses:

But after two years of drought, the worst in California’s history, Ms. Cochran can sense that attitudes are changing. “These days, everybody’s talking about green issues and sustainability,” said Ms. Cochran, who has run her own firm for 10 years. “I find my clients really want to engage in a more meaningful way. They want to think holistically about their property."

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