31 August 2008

Seeking an environmentally-based vision for Monroe

For much of the fall our junior regional design studio will be looking at different visions for a large watershed, the 265-square mile Stony Brook Millstone Watershed. SBMW just made a presentation to Monroe Township about an environmental vision for the future of the Township.
Some of the Watershed Association’s many suggestions included creating a network of trails that extend into other municipalities, adopting ordinances that limit pesticides and fertilizers, reducing the density of development in recharge areas, requiring native plant species in landscape design, inventorying plant and wildlife species and their habitats, adopting standards and incentives to promote green buildings and using the township’s Web site to inform and receive public input.
Of course, the Township could take it personally, but the quotes suggest that while they have to point out they they are already working towards much of this, they appreciated the review by an outsider.

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