20 November 2009

Friday Fotos: Will the real New Jersey please stand up?

When someone recently asked me for some typical New Jersey sprawl photos, my first thought was that there is nothing typical about NJ sprawl. We have 10 acre lot sprawl, 1/4 acre lot sprawl, commercial sprawl and even industrial sprawl. But then nothing else in NJ is particularly typical either. So, I asked myself, which photos do I have that really represent the typical New Jersey? The answer turned out to be that I was still missing some key pieces that I should be more conscience to capture. But here are a few and I've created a photo strip online to show you more. I'll probably expand it in the coming months as I discover better photos in my archives or take shots in the field, but here is a start.


Puk said...

One of my favorite "only in NJ" views is that of salt marsh, switching yards, and the Bayonne Bridge from the rear parking lot of Jersey Gardens.

Anonymous said...

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