18 November 2009

Making the Buffalo Commons official

not only does the Poppers' idea not seem to go away, but now there is a major newspaper endorsing the idea and seeking to make a Buffalo Commons national park.

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fpopper said...

Anyone wishing more information the Buffalo Commons should look at my Rutgers website, policy.rutgers.edu/faculty/popper. I and my wife, Deborah Popper, a geographer at the College of Staten Island/City University of New York and Princeton University, originated the idea in 1987. The only national group explicitly devoted to creating the Buffalo Commons is the Texas-based Great Plains Restoration Council, gprc.org, whose president is Jarid Manos, greatplains@gprc.org. (Full disclosure: I chair its board.) Another important group is the New Mexico-based National Center for Frontier Communities, frontierus.org, whose executive director is Carol Miller,carol@frontierus.org. The group does research and advocates for small isolated places, not just in the West or the Plains, but throughout the country. (More disclosure: Deborah and I are on its board.) Best wishes,
Frank Popper
Rutgers and Princeton Universities
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