20 January 2010

Cool Class: field study of Tuscany, Liguria and Piedmont

The Italian Landscape: A field study of Tuscany, Liguria and Piedmont
Department of Landscape Architecture & Study Abroad
Rutgers University

Dates: May 24 - June 14, 2010

Credits: 3

Course number: Register through Rutgers Study Abroad

Ari Novy: Departments of Landscape Architecture and Plant Biology,
Rutgers, Former Restoration Gardener at Villa La Pietra (Florence)

Carla Tiberi: Landscape Architect, Piedmont, Italy
Former Instructor at Rutgers Department of Landscape Architecture

Introduction to historic landscapes and gardens in Italy with special focus on Tuscany, Liguria and Piedmont. Throughout the course, you will visit several urban and rural landscapes. Emphasis will be placed on the historic and contemporary context of the Italian environment with relation to political, economic and military power, urban space, restoration, literature, agriculture, tourism and Anglo-American influence. We will also discuss 'green design' and sustainability in Italy in comparison with the United States. Course work will include research, observation, analysis, and documentation of various gardens and landscapes. Review and discussion periods will be held to evaluate your work, to share insights, and to discuss the attributes of each site. All coursework will be in English. Both instructors have lived in Italy for several years, are fluent in Italian, and pride themselves on knowing many 'secret treasures' of Italy that they will enthusiastically share with the students.

Eco- and Cultural- Tourism
Garden and Urban Restoration
Gardens, Landscapes and Power
Landscapes and Literature
Sustainable Agriculture and Design
The Anglo-American Obsession with Italy
Urban Spaces of the Piedmont, Liguria and Tuscany

Accommodations, Food and Travel:
Housing is in apartments and hotels in shared rooms with bathroom facilities. You will have different housing arrangements in each city you visit. Please contact the Landscape Architecture Department for specific details regarding accommodation during the program. The cost of most food is not included in the program fee although some hotels may include breakfast and there are several group dinners included in the course fee. You may be allowed to prepare some of your own meals in the kitchens of the residence units or eat in local establishments. All travel within Italy, including entrances to museums and gardens, is included in the course fee. Travel to and from Italy is the responsibility of the individual student. If you need help or suggestions for travel arrangements you can contact the program director.

Program Director
Ari Novy will direct the program in Italy. He is able to help you with advising, problems you encounter, travel suggestions, and a host of other tips and advice relating to the program. Questions regarding the program should be directed to Ari Novy (arinovy@rci.rutgers.edu).

Approximate Cost: $3,600. Includes tuition, most fees, housing, excursion, travel within Italy, some food and basic medical insurance. Air travel, most food, and personal expenses are not included.

This course is open to all students from any university.

For more information please go to
http://studyabroad.rutgers.edu/program_italy_landscapearch.html or e-mail

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