28 January 2010

Get it in gear: Student Internship Opportunity for Spring 2010

The Rutgers Stewardship Program is seeking one or two additional students to do internships for credit in the for the Spring Semester 2010.  Students can earn three credits working for the Rutgers Stewardship Program of the Solid Waste Resource Renewal Group through the experience-based Student to Professional Intern Network (SPIN) program.

Both the stewardship programs have opportunities:
The Foran Conservation Garden is a effort to create an entire "garden room" in the courtyard between Foran Hall and the Cook Douglass Lecture Hall through stewardship by all of us-the students, staff, faculty, alumni/ae and other community members who study and work on the Rutgers campus. The courtyard includes a native plants garden surrounding Spiral Field, a sculpture by Charles Fahlen (1993). The courtyard also includes several rain gardens, small native plant gardens which serve to recharge rainwater to underground aquifers.  The Foran Garden effort has been a team effort, including Kaitlin Fischer, a Rutgers Student (past coordinator), Zane Helsel from the Plant Biology and Pathology Department; Stephanie Murphy from the
Rutgers Soil Testing Laboratory; Tony Sgro and Barry Bailey from the Facilities Department; Don Knezick from Pinelands Nursery; Bruce Crawford from Rutgers Gardens; Joseph Heckman, Edward Durner and Glenn Tappen of the Organic Farm and Hort Farm 3; Jean Marie Hartman and Drew Siglin from the
Landscape Architecture Department; and the many volunteers who came out to  our garden events.
Rutgers Recovering Our Resources (RROR) is a program which involves volunteers collecting usable items which would be otherwise discarded by students at the end of the school year, and selling the collected items in a beginning of fall rummage sale.  We started the program last year.  Like the Foran Conservation Garden, RROR is a team effort of many departments at Rutgers.  We need students to help coordinate volunteers and outreach, and help us plan for a really big collection this year.  Don't miss this opportunity to reduce our environmental impact and provide cheap but good items to buy at the same time.

Interested?  Contact Priscilla E. Hayes, Esq., Director, Solid Waste Resource Renewal Group (Proud Winner of 2009 USEPA Environmental Quality Award) at 732-932-9155, ext. 233 or hayes@aesop.rutgers.edu.

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