15 January 2010

GISCorps volunteer opportunity

The United Nations Department of Field Support (DFS), Logistics Support
Division (LSD), and Specialist Support Section (SSS) are seeking the assistance of four
GIS volunteers. All four volunteers will be working at the UN office in NYC.

Job description for Position 1:

1) Remote sensing Specialist:
- Experienced with ERDAS
- Capable of image interpretation and change detection
- Experienced with various types of imagery

Job description for Position 2:

2) ArcGIS Server Specialist:
- Experienced with ArcGIS Server
- Capable to publish and fine tune services

Travel Expenses:
The volunteer will be responsible for cost of:
- airfare
- accommodations
- meals

Positions are available immediately and for an approximate duration of two

Very Important:
If you are interested in applying for the position of Remote Sensing Specialist
send an email to: UN_RS@giscorps.org

If you are interested in applying for the position of ArcGIS Server Specialist
send an email to: UN_AGS@giscorps.org

Requests sent to any other email address will not be considered.


GISCorps Core Committee

P.S. Please note that you must be a GISCorps volunteer to apply for these
positions. If you are not, you can apply http://www.giscorps.org/index.php?option=com_forme&fid=1&Itemid=74. Also make sure to submit your latest resume.

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