25 January 2010

Planning Board Schedules

In past years I've had some students tell me that all the meetings are on the same nights. Here are some Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night meeting. Surely one of them doesn't conflict with your night class.

  • Edison Planning Board meets on Tuesday February 9th and then on Monday March 15th.
  • Woodbirdge Planning Board meets Wednesdays on February 10th and 24th, and March 10th and 24th and if you are desperate, April 7th.
  • Franklin Township (Somerset County) is scheduled to meet on 3 of the 4 Wednesdays in February
  • South Brunswick - "The Planning Board usually meets twice a month on the first and third Wednesday of each month with additional meetings scheduled as needed."
  • North Brunswick - February 3, February 9, March 3, March 9

But, call before you go.

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