20 January 2010

LiveBlog: Kat Kohler on The Netherlands

The LiveBlog is back! The common lecture is back and begins with Kat Kohler (seen to the left, sketching in Spain) speaking about The Netherlands.

Ms. Kohler is a recent winner of the DeBoer Travel Prize which supported a study trip she took last summer to the Netherlands. Her investigation endeavored to explore a myriad of ways that the Dutch have dealt with water as an environmental hazard. Needless to say, they are pretty concerned about sea level rise. An interesting example was the Oostershelde Storm Surge Barrier which protects during storms, but lets the tides flow otherwise.

If you are an LA student at Rutgers (with a 3.0 or better), you can apply to take your own study trip this summer. You'll need to write a proposal that impresses the reviewers with a serious question and approach to the investigation. Applications for DeBoer Travel Prize will be due the Monday after Spring Break. Details will be posted in Blake Hall.

Where would you go? Remember, you can't win if you don't apply.

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