25 October 2010

The Fall 2010 Landscape Industry Lecture

The Fall 2010 Landscape Industry Lecture
Jerome Barth

Wednesday, 10/27 at 4:00 pm,

Cook/Douglas Lecture Hall

Why Bryant Park Works

Bryant Park, a once desolate place and symbol of urban decay, is now a vibrant space that is the town square of midtown Manhattan. The park creates massive value for its neighbors without using public money and through a very deliberate management style. Discover how Bryant Park is managed and why, with plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.

Jerome Barth is Vice President of Business Affairs of Bryant Park Corporation, the 34th Street Partnership and the Chelsea Improvement Company. He is directly involved in the evolution of Bryant Park as a brand and the management of innovative public space of world quality throughout all 3 business districts, ensuring that they meet the expectations of every patron who visits them.

The Bryant Park Restoration Corporation is one of the largest efforts in the nation to apply private management backed by private funding to a public park. The park reopened in 1991 with a budget six times the level under prior city management, and has been a huge success with the public, press, and nearby institutions. Today's Bryant Park is favorably compared with th e great parks of London and Paris, and was the winner of the Urban Land Institute Excellence Award for public projects, as well as many other awards from design, real estate, and redevelopment groups.

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Bill Wolfe said...

Bryant Park as a "brand"?

Please say it ain't so.

Has the marketing madness infected parks and landscape experience too?