15 October 2010

Steve Strom Memorial Lecture

Next week we have our featured talk of the Fall, the Steve Strom Memorial Lecture.  This year our guest is Darrel Morrison, FASLA, presenting current works from NYC and beyond.  As a fellow of both ASLA and CELA, Darrel is widely recognized as both a designer and educator.  He was one of the founding editors of the Landscape Journal and has served as LA Chair at Wisconsin and Dean at Georgia, taught at the Conway School, and is now leading Columbia's Landscape Design program.  His ecologically-oriented design approach has been featured in any number of magazines and high-profile venues, but maybe his most prominent design work has been at the Storm King Art Center where more and more mowed lawns have been converted to tall grasses (as seen in the poster below).

Darrel was also a friend and mentor of Steve's, so it is particularly touching that he is able to participate in the series. The talk will be at 7pm on Wednesday evening October 20th at Trayes Hall in the Douglass Campus Center.  Mark your calendars now.

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