13 October 2010

LIve Blog: Dagmar Grimm-Pretner

Dr. Dagmar Grimm-Pretner
Institute of Landscape Architecture
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

The areas around Vienna have a variety of landscape types as it is the meeting places of the Alps and the lowlands and is divided by the Danube.

Traditionally it has several different types of open spaces including:

Vienna has worked to preserve its Forest and Meadow

Evaluation can emphasize spatial and functional structure, comfort, and activities, with specific groups in mind.  One example was an evaluation of Bruno Kreisky Park.  Another case study looked at Fritz Imhoff Park. The same principles can be applied to something like the forecourt to Schönbrunn or a biotechcology center at Robert Hochner Park.  The Rudolf Bednar Park used orange vertical elements (sticks?) which change the personal experience of the park.

Turning towards Sustainability and Park Design we need to operationalize the concept with the intent of building a basis of for future parks effort.  As a holistic, normative concept, sustainability builds on three columns of ecology, economy and society.  A series of 9 goals were developed to assess how well proposed designs satisfied these sustainability measures.

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