07 October 2010

In a Green Dress?

Michael Mehaffy has posted a provocative commentary on PlaNetizen called "The Landscape Urbanism: Sprawl in a Pretty Green Dress?"

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Bill Wolfe said...

Waldheim seems the worst kind of fraud.

I don't want to sound too much a nostalgic, eurocentric, and McHargian bureucrat, but I practically lost it during the China illustration when Waldheim claimed that the Neoliberal economic sphere had created the conditions for the failure of teh McHargian project.

Landscape Urbanism seems like the natual outgrowth of Neoliberal econmomics and politics. Yes, it does use "ecolgical principles" as a pretty dress in selling and rationalizing that model.

Man, for once I'm relieved to be an old man and able to avoid exposure to this stuff! Make smy head explode.

Oh, and designing the shape of a park/public space based upon the shape of the contaminated groundwater plume? WTF!