24 September 2012

Frank Gallagher on Ecological Integrity and Urbanization

L.A. Lecture
Wednesday, September 26 @ 4:00 p.m.

Ecological Integrity and Urbanization
Dr. Frank Gallagher
CDLhttp://rumaps.rutgers.edu/location.jsp?id=C137735 110

A multitude of studies over the past several decades have described the impairment of ecological integrity associated with urbanization. However, few attempts have been made to clearly define and quantify the ecological function and services of urban green-space. As a result their perceived values are generally limited to aesthetics and recreation. However, novel assemblages, especially "urban wildlands" often function well in spite of the environmental stressors of the urban environment. This lecture will explore the unique patterns of species diversity/distribution; models of primary productivity, and non-traditional guild trajectories within urban green-space and consider the potential for including such functions in design scenarios.

For more information on Frank Gallagher and his research see: http://www.gallaghergreen.com/

1 comment:

Bill Wolfe said...

Too bad I missed that lecture - I would have asked Frank 3 questions:

1) what do you think about the vision of DEP's Division of parsk and Forestry?

2) What are your thoughts on DEP's proposed tree cutting at Bull's Island (initially a clear cut, but now expounding to some kind of selective cut).

3) what's tour take on Gov. Christie's proposed new D&R Canal Commission?

If you're lurking Frank, weigh in!