26 September 2012

URISA = GIS history

How old is GIS? The answer can be tricky, with many different markers representing a variety of early dates. But one measure is the start of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA). This week URISA is holding its 50th annual conference. Wow. One way to celebrate the first issue of the URISA Journal, published in 1989. The table of contents shows that the Journal started off with contributions from a remarkable list of GIS notables (although some only became notable later).

Notable academic contributors include Will Craig, Barry Wellar and a joint contribution from Clapp, McLaughlin, Vonderohe, and Sullivan. Public sector contributors include David Arbeit and Ed Crane.And, quite notably, the issue featured an in-depth interview with ESRI founder Jack Dangermond.

Good stuff. And, because URISA is all about outreach and impact, you can read the entire thing online for free.

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