05 September 2012

Invasive species problem

Even when an invasive species experiences a significant die off, it can still be a problem. The latest example is from Louisiana where Hurricane has left piles of dead nutria (15-20 pounds each) on the beach. Students from my environmental planning will already be familiar with my stories about these very large rodents that have been wreaking havoc on the marshes of Louisiana since the earliest days of the Tobasco empire. NBCNews.com reports that the clean up isn't as easy as you might think:
"As they're picking them up, they're busting open," Hancock County Supervisor David Yarborough told the Biloxi-Gulfport Sun Herald. A federal contractor with experience in hazardous waste has been brought in, but even a handful of its workers had quit Sunday morning, the Sun Herald reported.
Welcome back.

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Puk said...

They have a similar problem with ROUSs in the Fire Swamp.