09 April 2009

GIS Buzz

Columbia's Sarah Williams (the Fall 2008 Environmental Geomatics Lecturer) got a great feature in the NY Times on her spatial research looking at the location of Buzz. This also represent an important link into some of the questions being asked about VGI:
For Ms. Williams the geo-tagging represents a new wave of information that can be culled from sites like Flickr and Twitter. “We’re going to see more research that’s using these types of finer-grained data sets, what I call data shadows, the traces that we leave behind as we go through the city,” she said. “They’re going to be important in uncovering what makes cities so dynamic.”
You should read the whole article, because this isn't going away.


David Tulloch said...

And PlaNetizen picked it up too (http://www.planetizen.com/node/38221) so she is clearly now the talk of the town.

Puk said...

That's cool and all, but aren't we more likely to identify development potential by mapping counter-cultural activity? I would like to see what hot-spots are revealed by use of free sources like Nonsense NY, Tour Filter, *shudder* Twitter, and Flickr.