11 April 2009

Parc del Auditoris or South East Coastal Park

Since Alejandro Zaera-Polo will be speaking at Princeton on Monday, I thought this might be a good chance to post some photos of Foreign Office Architects' park in Barcelona that is called either South East Coastal Park or Auditoria Park (map). The park is a slice of an architecturally rich area that includes Herzog de Meuron's Forum, Torres & Lapena's giant solar panels, a Beth Galli pier, another park, and a port area. One of the key design elements in the park is the simple concrete moon shaped block that is both paver and wall unit. The repetition makes the blocks simultaneously common and exotic.

Elsewhere online, I have some additional photos of the same park from a previous trip, with children added for scale.

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hamid said...

TNX for your photos