07 April 2009

Global Warming Solution Panel

NJPIRG has put together a pretty impressive panel that will be focusing on solutions:
On Wednesday, April 8 in the SAC from 7pm to 9pm NJPIRG will be hosting a Global Warming Solution Panel. Panelists include Congressman Frank Pallone Jr., Professor Anthony Broccoli, Professor Jennifer Francis, Professor Mike Kennish, Professor Oscar Schofield, and Environment NJ Representative Doug O'Mally. We will be discussing the issue of Global Warming, it's impact on the world and environment, legislation that could help address the problem (such as the American Clean Energy and Security Act that Congressmans Waxman and Markey have recently proposed) along with other solutions to the most challenging and important problem that our generation faces. Each panelist will give a short presentation on their field of expertise and then we will open the panel up for discussion and to questions from the audience. All are welcome to attend!

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