17 April 2009

Internship in the Highlands

There is a GIS internship up at the Highlands Council. A great summer opportunity for someone. Apply early, apply often.

Shortened Description: The New Jersey Highlands Council is accepting applications to fill internship positions to assist in the development of the Council’s Geographic Information Systems. The position is a part time internship position with compensation ranging between $10 and $14 per hour depending upon qualifications/education. The position is geared towards students of GIS who are looking to advance their academic or applied knowledge of location based technology in a regional planning context. The position is best suited for someone who has a background in the natural resources and/or planning disciplines with GIS experience and/or coursework. The internship will provide excellent exposure and practical experience in applied resource management and regional planning. Work hours as well as start and end dates of employment are flexible. Summer only interns are encouraged to apply as well. The New Jersey Highlands Council office is located in Chester Township, Morris County, New Jersey.

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