28 February 2011

By request, repeat test tips

TEST TIP: Can you read hydrographs? Topo maps? A soils survey?
TEST TIP: When you get tired of reading and studying, consider surfing through the RotDs.  Play with the online soils.  Look at the topo maps.
TEST TIP: Revisit that whole Soil Texture thing
TEST TIP: Memorize the first four steps in Steiner’s Ecological Planning Model
TEST TIP: Look at a USGS topo map and see how much you can read off it.
TEST TIP: For each physical landscape characteristic ask:
1) What can Env. Planners do about it?
2) Where can they get the facts on it?
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Anonymous said...

for the hydrographs is the shallow slope the more natural one and the one that is helped by human structures like drainage basins?
-Michael Boele