09 February 2011

LateBlog: NYC street trees

Jennifer Greenfeld
Tree Selection for Survival in New York City

(Apologies all around, but I got a late start and missed some content...)

Over the last 100 years, NYC has had a changing list of encouraged and discouraged trees. Here is the list today.

The City has also conducted a tree census, counting over a half million trees of over 150 species. While in 1995 the Norway maple was the single most frequently counted tree (23%), the latest count found that in 2005 London Plane was most popular (15%).

Measuring mortality rates begins to reveal deeper patterns.

But just because a tree is recommended, it doesn't mean that NYC can get them from a nursery in a quantity that works, at a cost that works, with a history they can trust.  While it can change significantly by growing season, some just aren't handy.  For example, the hardy rubber tree, Eucomnia ulmoides.

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