21 February 2011

VGI through Waze

Waze is a new VGI (volunteered geographic information) app that is trying to use grassroots, driver-based data to help you get around easier. Waze uses driver info to create data about traffic problems, but also lets driver input information about bad addresses or locations. VGI is a rapidly evolving field, and efforts like this (whether it succeeds or fails) are essential to advancing both the science and usable code.

Here is their flash video which includes this blog-apropos line: "And, if you are the kind of person who has a passion for mapping..."

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Gwendolyn Comollo said...

All I can say is, WOW! If only I had a smart phone with this app. today when I was driving home from Vermont, I would have made it home much quicker.
Technology has come so far in developing map, and "Waze" is one of, what I believe to be the most futuristic maps of all. Of course I've heard and seen GPSs with traffic reports on them, but I've never seen one where the individual can actually update information by the click of a few buttons or take pictures and post them for other drivers on the same route (not while they're driving of course). It is maps (or "apps") like these that are shaping the future for even more advancements in maps.
I cannot even imagine what GPSs will be telling us in a few years from now, how much more could we possible ask for?