09 February 2011

Unpaid GIS internship near campus

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has a need for a student intern to assist with checking the Cumberland County and Burlington County digital Soil surveys for errors. Automated procedures have been developed to assist in the work, however, the work itself is tedious. The student would learn some specialized procedures using ArcGIS (thus, some prior ArcGIS experience would be helpful), and get exposure working for a federal agency involved in natural resource management.

Estimated time required is 40 – 100 hours to complete this job.

Our preference would be for the volunteer to come in for at least four hours, two days per week, but we can be flexible with the schedule.

If you need any more information or have any questions about this opportunity, please contact:

Trish Long
GIS Specialist
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
220 Davidson Avenue, 4th Floor
Somerset, NJ 08879

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