28 February 2011

Salamander crossing

Tonight might be a night for watching salamanders (and frogs) migrate near campus in East Brunswick.  The Friends of the East Brunswick Environmental Commission keep a salamander blog that says today's rains and warm weather could spark a move, and they've already found at least one spotted salamander. They'll close Beekman Road and let pedestrians come peek with flashlights.  If there is lightning, you should skip it.

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What have we learned about habitat that might keep them from needing to close a road? What's the basic problem here?


Alana said...

When professor mentioned this in class, I was in shock. I was surprised people would actually close an entire street strictly for the purpose of an instinctive practice on the part of some salamanders...Wow!

Gauri Joshi said...

habitat fragmentation is probably a reason the salamanders need to cross at all. maybe we shouldn't have built a road between their habitat!