02 January 2012

Governor of Maryland starts the new year with a plan

Despite what the Washington Post characterized as "vehement opposition," Maryland's governor has used an executive order to create the state's first long-term plan for smart growthAccording to the Post, opponents described this end run around the legislature as war on rural Maryland and "the height of arrogance."  As a sign of the times, the governor denied a) this being part of a UN plan, b) an alien-implanted chip steering his behavior, and c) taking this as a directive from the recently deceased Kim Jong Il.

Since his 2nd term began in 2011, he still appears to have some time to joust with the legislature as they try to undo or alter this decision.  But it can be hard to implement a long-term plan like this if it really turns out to be widely unpopular.


Bill Wolfe said...

Ironic - our governor Christie is doing an end run around the Legislature, but for the opposite policy objectives that Md. Governor is - see:

Christie Vetoes a Picture of Executive Over-reach

Bill Wolfe said...

David - I read the Executive Order in question.

Not only is the planning and policy sound, but it is not remotely like NJ Gov. Christie action on the NJ State Plan.

The Omalley (Md.) Order is back by Legislative authorization and follows years of public process.


The Christie EO reverses 20 years of consensus planning and policy, contradicts Legislative statute authorizing Act, and was not preceded by ANY public process.