25 January 2012

Live Blog: JeanMarie Hartman on Water/Land Interaction

"Land Water Interactions and Collaborations"
Recent explorations undertaken while on sabbatical from teaching
Dr. JeanMarie Hartman

  • a time of reflection
  • a time of re-grouping
  • a time for quiet contemplation
  • a time for manic productivity
Ecological literacy - processes vs. structures

University of Akron group called Syanpse
Worked out of the Bath Nature Preserve

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Began with a study of moving water at Bath - how did the streams flow?  What did they do?  What were they like?

Looked at environmental art - Ed Burtynsky, Chris Jordan, Natalie Jeremijenko, Andy Golsdworthy

Working with the University of Akron, in Ohio, they turned the Folk Hall parking lot into a 2 day watershed event

Erosion and Fractures
Adding water to clay
Resulting in the Ground Water exhibition
Landforms and tiles

Finding the way through

How can we make this happen more often?  How can we foster more of these relationships?

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