19 January 2012

Spring 2012 Speaker Series

Mark your calendars now, the Spring 2012 Speaker Series looks great.

1.18.12 Sunil Bald

1.25.12 Jean Marie Hartman
Land_Water Collaborations

2.8.12 Ron Henderson
Routine Maintenance

2.15.12 Joyce Hsiang & Bimal Mendes
Territorial Practices

2.22.12 Alan Brake
Death & Life of Great American Landscapes

2.29.12 Dawn Wright
Esri's New Ocean Science and Ocean GeoDesign Initiative

3.23.12 Cornelia Hahn Oberlander
In Conversation

4.11.12 Julie Bargmann
D.I.R.T. Studio

4.18.12 Kim Mathews & Signe Nielson
Landscape Representation_Concept to Construction

1 comment:

Gwood said...

Cornelia Oberlander!! Wow! What a great line-up.