21 January 2012

Land Water Interactions and Collaborations

Landscape Architecture Common Lecture series
Dr. Jean Marie Hartman
"Land Water Interactions and Collaborations"
Wednesday, January 25
4:00 pm in CDL 110

"Much of what is visible in the landscape is the result of water acting over time, and in various ways, on the materials that compose the environment. Yet, the roles of water (in processes such as erosion, plant growth, soil formation, micro-climate variations) remain invisible. For many years, Hartman’s work has studied the roles of water in the landscape through direct scientific inquiry. During her recent sabbatical, she began a series of inquiries that combine scientific information with artistic experimentation in collaboration with several artists. This lecture will present a series of illustrative vignettes of projects and results related to making the roles of water in the landscape more visible, and thereby more understandable. Each distinct vignette provides insight into how collaboration between artists and scientists can re-phrase and represent knowledge."

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