02 March 2012

Detroit's decline inevitable?

A Detroit native, Pete Saunders, explains that Detroit was built (or planned) to fail. Citing factors such as poor housing stock, poor neighborhood identification and weakened mass transit system, he suggests that Detroit now has bad bones upon which it will be hard to rebuild.

Whether or not you agree with the details of his assessment, it would be fascinating to see more detailed assessments like this of major cities.  It speaks to the potential that planning has for shaping the immediate future of a city, especially when other stresses (like economic downturns and changes in labor base) impact it.

The thing about Detroit is that while Saunders says that the housing stock was poor, there are countless other buildings (many abandoned) that are considered architectural treasures. Check out this short video in which the curator of the Detroit Historical Society talks about the outstanding design that was there.

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Lauren S. said...

The way this lower map zooms is amazing! All maps and photos should be able to zoom in and out this easily. New technology?