23 March 2012

Seolleung Park

As the burial grounds of two Joseon kings and one Joseon queen, this park is a unexpectedly nice setting for a morning walk near Seoul's Teheranno and some of the tallest buildings in the city.  Another grey day, but worth a quick peek. Especially since it is part a of collection of properties that have UNESCO World Heritage status.

The red pines were amazing.  Simply walking through the forest between the burial sites was a great experience.

The small shrine below the tombs seemed standard, but the path up to it has become an interesting feature now that the neighborhood has squeezed in around the site.

 And I found the old walls here, and throughout the city, to be wonderful.

But this wall is lined with a rubberized surface for jogging, which brings extra eyes onto the perimeter of this ancient and important park.

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