06 March 2012

Raritan basin internships

Multiple unpaid internship opportunities after the break...

The American Littoral Society, a coastal conservation and education group headquartered out on Sandy Hook, is looking for a student to help them get started on an ArcGIS project. the internship would be unpaid but it would be a great chance to put your burgeoning GIS skills to good use and gain some valuable real-world experience.  If you are interested please contact Tim Dillingham at <tim@littoralsociety.org>

Stream Monitoring Intern

Location:                      Fairview Farm Wildlife Preserve, Bedminster
                                    50% of the work may be done remotely

Number of Positions:   2

Hour Commitment:       60+/- (flexible)

Dates:                           Flexible, between January 2012 and June 2012
Purpose:                      Data analysis will be used by RHA and other conservation organizations to direct stewardship and educational initiatives.  Data will be available to the NJDEP and local municipalities to understand the health of surface water and flow of storm water through their town, aiding in the creation of environmentally-sound policies regarding land use and storm water management.  Database will be updated annually with the addition of new stream monitoring data.  Stream data collection in June of 2012 will be the first year of combined North and South Branch Raritan staff and volunteer efforts.

Responsibilities:          Compile and upload 2011 stream data (biological, visual, chemical and flow) gathered by the Upper Raritan Watershed Association and South Branch Watershed Associations (now RHA).  Create trend graphs that can be used in reporting.  In May, assist with annual training event for volunteers (and receive training yourself), and in June, assist with stream data collection.

Funding:                      None at this time, academic credit may be given.

Other                            Reliable transportation necessary

Education and Outreach Intern

Location:                      Varies - Requires travel to areas within the Raritan Headwaters region (Morris, Somerset and                                            Hunterdon Counties). Some work may be done from home.

Number of Positions:   4

Hour Commitment:       20+/- (flexible)

Dates:                           Ongoing and flexible, beginning in January of 2012.  Most programs are held for 1-2 hours on                                         weekends.

Purpose:                      Help to engage citizens in the appreciation and understanding of the Raritan River, its tributaries, and preserved lands that protect it.  Build stakeholders in watershed protection, gain support of RHA programs.

Responsibilities:          Lead/assist with educational programs that are open to the public.  These programs include monthly hikes on preserved public land, scout programs, stewardship/volunteer events, school field trips, and other programs (flexible according to assistants’ skills and availability).
Funding:                      None at this time, academic credit may be given.

Other                            Reliable transportation necessary


Springfield Sustainable Raritan River
Internship Job Description

Position Title: Raritan River Program Specialist
Position Description:
The Township of Springfield is looking for a Graduate student to work with the Township Engineer to support the goals of the Raritan River Collaborative to achieve the highest quality for the waters and riparian areas of the Raritan River basin.  

The Collaborative set goals for a regional approach, embraced by state and federal organizations and implemented at the local and county level:
*       Improved water quality and management of water quantity
*       Habitat Restoration
*       Public Access
*       Site Remediation and Pollution Prevention
*       Balanced Redevelopment
The specific tasks include:
Increase Awareness and Use of River Access Points and Trails
    Upgrade Current River Access Points and Develop a Plan for Future Recreational Uses
Level of Compensation:   there is no compensation from the Township of Springfield for this assignment. 
Length of Project Assignment:  one semester  
Location of Assignment:  the work assignment will originate at the Township of Springfield Town Hall at 100 Mountain Ave, Springfield, NJ 07081
Point of Contact:  Anthony Cancro, Township Administrator atanthony.cancro@springfield-nj.us


Somerset County Sustainable Raritan River
Internship Job Description

Position Title: Update Somerset County Natural and Cultural Resource Inventory (NCRI)
Position Description:
Prepare maps and accompanying text for the Somerset County Natural and Cultural Resource Inventory (NCRI) to identify “Priority Preservation Investment Areas” (PPIAs) consistent with the Final Draft State Strategic Plan.  Some of the NCRI datasets will comprise “Screening Criteria” for identifying PPIAs. This work complements the county’s “Priority Growth Investment Area” work needed to complete the “Criteria-based Investment Framework” as a key component of the Sustainable Somerset Strategic Plan for the county.  Maps need simple narratives to help the public understand the environmental features. 
This would include understanding why a feature is important from a regional and local and site-specific land use planning and design perspective; what regulatory framework (federal, state and local) controls the feature (permit requirements, development constraints, etc..); and the best regional, local and site-specific stewardship/management strategies would protect the environmental feature.  The new effort would build on the current NCRI maps inventory (e.g., Conservation Lands, Freshwater Wetlands, Geology, groundwater, habitat, drainage, land use/land cover, prime agricultural lands, slopes, soils, streams and buffers, flood prone areas.  It would also explore floodplain management and integration of maps with local emergency management.
Level of Compensation:   This is an unfunded position, but an opportunity to work with one of the premier planning programs in the state. The position is fully supported in terms of mentoring, editorial and technical assistance, photos, ability to host and participate in meetings, assist with graphics design and provide administrative and project management support. 
Length of Project Assignment:  one semester with possible extension
Location of Assignment:  the work assignment will originate at the Somerset County Planning Board
20 Grove Street, P.O. Box 3000, Somerville, NJ 08876-1262

Point of Contact:  Laurette Kratina, PP/AICP
Phone: (908) 231-7021
Fax: (908) 707-1749
E-mail: kratina@co.somerset.nj.us

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Puk said...

Students On The Banks should relish the opportunity to realize how pristine/delicate are the headwaters that flow to the estuary under Route 18. They should also know that URWA was home to the NJ Non-profit GIS Users Group, with original funding from Jack Dangermond, himself. Commitment to community and commitment to emergent technology for the greater common good: Is there a better resume builder?