20 March 2012

Spring is here!

To celebrate the sun's crossing of the equator, I thought I'd share my first flowery photos of the spring. These show the cherry blossoms popping out at Tongdosa, the largest temple in South Korea and truly a national treasure. These were the only cherry blossoms I saw during spring break, since Tongdosa is in southern South Korea (near Ulsan) and I spent most of the trip in Seoul.  It is one of the three jewel temples of Korea, but the only one I made it to.  And I thank my new friends from UNIST, because I never could have gotten to the rather remote site without them.

Enjoy these and keep watching for more Korean spring break photos in the coming days. 

Lots more photos of this beautiful temple after the jump...

This scary sign says all you need to know about the bridge without railings.

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