29 March 2012

Summer class

Hey SEBS students!

Did you know that you can fulfill a political processes requirement with a hybrid course this summer
Global Environmental Change 11:374:102? 
Introduction to Human Ecology 11:374:101 will also be offered.

Check the Schedule of Classes online for more details.


Kokoda Trail said...

SP Lager is best served cold... and tastes a bit like watered-down battery acid when it's warm!!! I won't ever forget the dry mouth on a scorching hot Moresby Saturday morning, when it feels like I've gargled sawdust and bicarb soda. But funnily enough, I will miss the ole brown bottles!

Puk said...

Did you know that you can fulfill at least 3 minutes of an academic stand-up routine with jokes about a "political process requirement?" Maybe even a whole scene in a screenplay for a fan-sequel to "Brazil!"