12 October 2008


During my visit to Louisiana I got to serve as a guest critic on a design jury at the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture. The student project was undertaken with guidance from EDSA and explored solutions for a central corridor open space on Dubai's Jumeirah Palm island. It was a great jury and I enjoyed the work I saw, and the conversations really kept it engaging despite the 5-hour length.

Upon my return to New Jersey I was surprised to see that Thom Mayne is coming out swinging at what he calls Dubai's future as an "ecological disaster". Dubai sounds like a fascinating place with some serious natural limitations but exceptional financial resources.


Puk said...

As a life-long resident of one of the thirteen original colonies, I accept the old development issues as a weird mantle of pride. That presupposes, of course, that younger communities across the nation and across the globe learn from our mistakes, rather than from our example.

Joe said...

I found this featured on the ASLA home page...does this place look familiar?