14 October 2008

Lower 9th Ward

While the Lower 9th Ward looked like this for just a few weeks, it is going to look like the following photos for some time to come. The first one shows how high the Industrial Canal is on a low day compared to the residential neighborhood down below (click on the photo to see it enlarged a little).
This empty road best represents what I saw. But how many half empty or completely empty road photos can I include? Don't let the photos of a few surviving houses trick you into thinking that things were OK.

One thing that the photos can't capture is the scale of the devastation - these are just pictures of houses that weren't damaged enough to tear down. This was an expansive area and I could have taken photos almost indefinitely. The scale of the damage is hard to grasp even after walking around some. And I remain pretty unconvinced about the solutions (examples coming soon).

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