29 October 2008

Live Blog: Connecting Fragments: Notes on a Collective Landscape

Richard Alomar, formerly of di Domenico + Partners, LLP
Connecting Fragments: Notes on a Collective Landscape
Wednesday 4:00-4:55 PM
Cook Douglass Lecture Hall 110

Richard is
In transition to a new position Stantec
Another MLA from LSU, Geaux Tigers!
Keeper of The Landscape blog


He started with a discussion of a specific plant that is closely linked to a landscape:

This led to a review of his entry in the Crossing the Drive Competition which referenced the old Burnham Plan for Chicago while building its own system of referencing the contemporary landscape of the city. They emphasized movement patterns, natural patterns, and walking distance to the park.

He used House and Home as a transition into a description of his work on the Dulles Corridor outside of DC and the Gun Hill Road Intermodal Project in the Bronx (check out these great 1973 photos of the neighborhood).

Finally he drew on some experiences with Co-op City where greenways and open space were proposed, but only after a community approval process. The history of the site was fascinating since it starts with Native Americans and (much later) Freedomland and most recently the original 1970s project required construction on fill and pilings. Today there are 7 schools in this isolated corner of the Bronx.

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Puk said...

I guess that's cool. But I live-blogged Sir Oliver Sacks' Mason Welch Gross Memorial lecture: Creativity and The Brain. I'd link you, but my Dual Pad isn't HTML-enabled.