21 October 2008

Rafael Viñoly

Largely by chance, I briefly visited two very different buildings by Rafael Viñoly in the last few weeks. In both cases I would have liked to settle in to wander and explore and photograph. But even the few pictures that I did capture are interesting. The first is the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, where I have been wanting to attend an event for years (and still want to).

The second is Princeton Stadium. It is basically a stadium surrounded by a separate building/wall. The outer building is thick enough to contain halls or rooms, but by not touching the stadium (much) it is structurally very clean and simple. It was also made with a large number of pre-cast concrete panels. As far as I can tell, it is the highest seating capacity structure in the entire Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed.It also had an interesting function in that the stadium space spilled over into the track and field venue, efficiently sharing some functions. The photo below shows the walk south of the endzone - the fence on the right is the back of the bleachers.You can learn more about Viñoly from sources as divergent as Charlie Rose, Wikipedia, and LinkedIn.

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