01 April 2009

South Pointe Park

Miami Beach has a new Hargreaves waterfront project, South Pointe Park, which just opened a week or two ago. The $22 million project features the usual earth mounds and light towers and fountains. (Mapped)
In the photo above you can see that the white light directed in one direction, for pedestrian safety, while the LED colors were most visible in the other direction. This side view illustrates the footprint of the light.

The light towers kept changing colors, but it was primarily visible from the ocean side.

Photo note: The brightest of these photos were taken at dusk and most were taken later, all without a tripod. I apologize that they are not nearly as good as the ones that will surely appear in LAM and Metropolis, but at least I get in on the game early.

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David Tulloch said...

I am looking forward to seeing what LAM publishes about the new Hargreaves waterfront project, South Pointe Park (25.765411,-80.132234).