14 September 2009

Ecologies in the Balance?

Rutgers is a mighty big place with plenty of exciting happenings in different parts of campus and in various departments and centers, so it can be hard to see how many of them are connected. This fall RU is launching a series is called Ecologies in the Balance? The schedule includes dozens of lectures, films and colloquia. This coming Tuesday night there will be a special free showing of Home, a film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand at Woodlawn. It is a great movie and a wonderful way to kick off the series.


Jenny said...

It might be easy to trash this theory using recent technologies that we have as well as assume that we can "readily" do something about it! But, the consequences we suffer are real and very tangible!

Erika said...

When men put themselves in front of everything..then there is less chance environmental plans are applied, technology (even those that are green) could take the wrong twist along the way!

Alison said...

The painting is really suggestive of what we have been doing to Nature.