11 September 2009

Flight 93 Temporary Memorial

It has taken years, but the wheels have finally started rolling again on the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA. In the meantime I offer these photos of the touching temporary memorial that has evolved over the last several years.

It is interesting to compare it with the Pentagon 9-11 Memorial, which is different than both the curent temporary and proposed future memorials for Shanksville.

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elysa said...

can i use one or 2 of your photos (i would put your name on the photo) for a "flight 93 memorial marathon" website?

the website is currently at http://flight93memorialmarathon.wordpress.com/

i just began putting it together. i am looking for images to rotate in place of the current header images as well as possibly throughout the site.

hope all be wonderful
elysa :)