17 September 2009

Rutgers newest graduate program

A note from the chair:
On Monday, September 14, the New Jersey Presidents' Council Executive Board approved our proposal for a Master of Landscape Architecture program. Starting this program has been a goal of our Department for many years and we plan to accept our first class of students for the Fall semester of 2010.

Many people have made this possible. Executive Vice President Phil Furmanski, SEBS Executive Dean Robert Goodman, SEBS Dean of Academic Programs Jerry Kukor, GSNB Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Harvey Waterman, and Senior Academic Planning Associate Jim Burkley have all been steady, persistent, and strategic in helping this goal become a reality. The current and past faculty of the Department of Landscape Architecture have all offered help and advice.

Now we must get down to the hard work of recruiting, accepting, and teaching. Prof. Dean Cardasis has shepherded the proposal through committees for the past year and is our first Graduate Program Director. I know he will benefit from the collective knowledge and support of this community.

I am personally eager to participate in writing this new chapter in the history of the Department of Landscape Architecture.

Best regards,
JeanMarie Hartman, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture

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