22 September 2009

GeoDesign Summit 2010

Can landscape architecture and environmental geomatics really coexist peacefully? For years, we have successfully combined them as separate tracks in the same option here at Rutgers. They seem closely linked, yet the lessons from Harvard Computer Graphics Lab seem lost when we look at the growing divide between contemporary work in LA and GIS.

ESRI has announced that it will be hosting the GeoDesign Summit in 2010 in Redlands. Two of the three "sponsors" are schools, neither of which has a landscape architecture or architecture program. Is that a good thing?

This doesn't come out of the blue. Last year UCSB hosted a workshop on the topic. Earlier this year Jack Dangermond published a large feature on design in ArcNews. (It included graphiced-up Steinitz's framework diagram) And the ESRI opening plenary this summer featured a 16 minute presentation on design by Dangermond (video).

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