09 September 2009

LiveBlog: 1st lecture/Fall Field Trip

We're going to Boston!

October 9-11 will be the Fall Field Trip for Landscape Architecture students to visit Boston and Cambridge with some classmates and faculty. Boston is a notable place to learn about landscape architecture because of its rich history Olmsted projects (and Olmsted disciple projects) and Harvard and MIT grads working in the area, combing with an unusual landform and development pressures. From Jane Jacobs' essays about the North End to Olmsted's never-completed vision for World's End, we'll be connecting theory, design, practice, and personal experiences on the ground.

Starting Thursday morning, Pam Stewart will have a sign-up sheet in Blake Hall 113 for EP&D students. On Wednesday September 16th any remaining spaces will be made available to other SEBS students. All signed-up students will need to make a downpayment of $75 by September 24th.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

Check out the Big Dig...

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So, as part of the new speaker series tradition of commentary, what do you want to see there? What should we skip?

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S. Somers said...

Arnold Arboretum would be nice...please.