23 September 2009

Faux-LiveBlog: Rutgers LA Studies in Italy

Italy Students: Ty, Sarah, Hany, Jenna, Zeina, Mike, Rebecca, Steve
Study Abroad: Italy

(Since I can't make this week's lecture, I'll just have to guess what is being said)

The students attest unanimously that this is the best experience of their lives. One received a scholarship from SEBS - more should apply next year. And Ari Novi's knowledge and experience on Italian gardens was an incredible asset for the entire class and made such a difference. And the gardens of Tuscany really may be the best in the world.

If you haven't studied abroad, you should. Your next chance is the Winter Session trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Learn. Love. Live.

(Was I close?)


S.Somers said...

Congrats to all my fellow students who presented this afternoon at common lecture. You guys did a really good job squeezing 3 weeks of Italy into one hour. I know that you all could have gone on in more detail, but not under the watchful eye of Ari, or with the time constraints.

It makes me jealous that I was not able to go, but now I am assured that Italy is a destination on my list to be checked.....Live, Love, Learn....I think that's how it goes Prof. Tulloch...

April said...

I want to say great job to everyone who presented tonight. I know how hard it is to not just present in front of your class (who you are most comfortable with) but in front of the entire department. I thought everyone was really professional and did a great job with both highlighting the trip and talking about their specific topics.

I thought mikes presentation on the churches was really interesting. It cut through all the decorations that can become so overwhelming and put a spot light on the overall plan layouts.

Yay for Ty for representing the SENIORS! :)


Hany Hanafy said...
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Hany Hanafy said...

Todays presentors did a great job (pat myself on the back). Dr. Tulloch did a great job guessing on what was said today, for anyone interested in a more indepth description of todays presentations you can visit my blog at http://rulastudent.blogspot.com or click on my name above. Excuse the advertising.

Love. Live. Learn.

s.nitchman said...

Steve you were spot on. It was hard to narrow down our month of experiences and adventures to an hour, but at the same time the experience of presenting what I learned helped me to clarify the most a few of the most important messages I took back with me. however I could talk non stop for another month about Italy, so if anyone has any questions, or wonders if a trip abroad is really THAT big of a deal, come see me because it literally changed the way I look at the world

Ben said...

As steve said, I imagine that it's got to be extraordinarily difficult to get all of the Italy trip into one common lecture. So considering the circumstances, I think everyone did a fantastic job.
Of course it was the little interesting facts like the olympic Ice cube people and Sarah's discovery of gelato that made the presentation really entertaining. oh, and Z's pictures of the Alps were pretty awesome too.

Ari said...

It was an incredibly difficult task for each student to distill their experience to such a short presentation, especially with my constant nagging to keep it brief and focused. Nevertheless, I though that everyone did a fantastic job.

For those of you whose curiosity was piqued by the presentations, please ask each of the students to tell you more. They each have a great depth of knowledge about some aspect of Italian gardens and landscapes they have cultivated during and since the Italy course. Give them the opportunity to share more with you.

It was a great pleasure for me to interact with the students on the course. I thank them for their eagerness to learn and for all they taught me.